GSOC Summary

GSOC 2017 with Theano has come to an end. These three months have been hard, with exams taking up a lot of my time. However, at the same time, these three months have given me a great learning experience. I'm very grateful to my mentors, Fred and Arnaud, who have given me some very valuable tips … Continue reading GSOC Summary


Final Week

I finally found out why the meta-optimizer wasn't working. It was because I was passing both config flags and also had a config file with some conflicting values. I had completely forgotten about the config file and this led to it passing on my system while it failed in Jenkins. Once I figured that out, … Continue reading Final Week

2 months!

With both  grouped convolutions as separable convolutions merged, I now move on to the meta-optimiser. A first implementation of the meta-optimiser was made for this library 3 years ago. But now it is outdated and need to be ported to the new gpu-backend. Not only that, but new enhancements need to be made to take … Continue reading 2 months!